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Your Initial Visit

Your first visit at Family Tree is a critical piece of getting you on track to better health and better quality of life.  These 60-90 minute appointments include a thorough personal health history, detailed exam and x-rays, when necessary.

Pediatric exams can be slightly shorter, depending on the individual's needs.

We will discuss the basics of chiropractic care and how it can benefit you and your family.

-New Patient Exam:  $125 

-X-Ray and Analysis:  $40/region, $100 max (full spine, 3-4 regions)

-Overread x-rays from another provider: $75

-Re-exam of existing patients: $75

Follow Up Visit

After your first visit and exam, you will be scheduled for a follow up appointment to discuss a custom tailored care plan for you based on your exam findings, x-ray results and personal goals.  This will also be the time your receive your first chiropractic adjustment, if it wasn't given on your first visit.  

Care plans are always created for the individual based on their own needs. These care plans will be suggested based on best practices and it is important to follow this care plan as closely as possible in order to achieve the best results.

-Adjustment:  $35/ visit (inquire at the office for family rates)

-Prenatal Package:  $350 for 14 visits, scheduled out at time of purchase

Care Plans:

-Proactive Care Plan (stay better):  Depending on your individual needs and recommendations, visits will be every 2-6 weeks.

-Corrective Care Plan (function better):  This plan will have you visiting once per week for several weeks until functional and structural integrity and balance is restored.

-Acute Care Plan (feel better):  This care plan will involve 2-3 visits per week for several weeks to address improving acute problems and painful symptoms.



Complementary Services

Many families want the option to have an alternative care provider that can complement and collaborate with their family practitioner.  At Family Tree, our focus is on correcting vertebral subluxations and improving function...but that doesn't mean that we don't acknowledge the importance of prevention and early detection of disease, as well as assistive therapies that can help get you functioning better faster. 

We also offer the following services for your families when needed or requested:

-Nutritional/supplemental advising:  $50 per 30 minutes

-Well visits for children (cannot be used for kindergarten health assessment):  $75

-Lab and advanced imaging orders (insurance can be used through Delaney and Labcorp, check with your carrier for benefit info):  $100 for a 30 minute pre-lab consult and a 30 min. results consult

-Sensory evaluations:  $100, $50 for follow up evals

-Sensory therapy sessions:  $50 per 30 minutes

-Physiotherapy sessions:  $50 per 30 minutes

Accepted Payment

At Family Tree Chiropractic, we strive to make chiropractic care affordable and easy to access for everyone, regardless of income or insurance status.  We do not bill any insurance companies, but instead have an affordable self-pay fee structure.  All fees are discussed up front as transparency is important and you'll never be left holding a mountain of bills you can't afford to pay.

Discounts are available to current/former military, first responders, students/teachers and families experiencing financial hardship.  Please inquire about these discounts at your first visit to see if you qualify.

Accepted payments are Cash, Check, Credit Card and HSA/FSA accounts.  Superbills will be provided upon request and insurance verification is also available upon request to help determine if your insurance may reimburse for services provided in our office.

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